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Things I have done so far on my Spring Break:

  • Sleep.  A lot.
  • Laundry.  Lots.
  • Went to see Julius Caesar at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival.
  • Read books completely unrelated to my classes, just for my own pleasure.  Fiction books.
  • Drank my morning coffee out on the front porch swing.  (This was Monday morning when the weather was actually nice.)
  • Went swing dancing (well, of course).
  • Pruned the rose bushes.
  • Went to both Mass and Confession (Clean soul!  Clean soul!  Clean soul!)
  • Talked to people I normally don’t have time to communicate with.  Like the people I live with.
  • Wrote in my journal.
  • Baked bread.
  • Cooked dinner (spaghetti & meatballs).
  • Played multiple games of Candyland with Temple (age five) and Cowboy (age six).
  • Listened to music.
  • Worked on playlists for two different dancing events.
  • Had brunch with MDoS. 
  • Watched doofy movies I never have time to watch normally.  Like Madagascar (which I liked a lot), and Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azhkaban (which was actually kinda boring).  Next on my list: Princess Diaries 2!

Yeah, I’m liking this Spring Break thing.