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This feastday always reminds me of Katie Carlson.  If you’re reading this, Katie, I love you!

I now have events listed for the next couple of months, including the upcoming Theology On Tap series.  Check them out!

I think I had the most fun dancing last night that I’ve ever had.  Part of the joy was that Belle’s birthday was Tuesday, so we had her Birthday Jam.  That’s when everyone at the dance forms a circle around the birthday girl/boy, and while the DJ plays a song just for her/him different partners steal her/him back and forth.  It’s a lot of fun, and Belle was so beautiful.  The song the DJ played for her was Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul, which was such a perfect compliment to the gorgeous person that Belle is.

The other huge part of my fun was that for some reason all the really good guys wanted to dance with me last night.  Yeah.  I was rather taken aback.  When one guy made the “let’s dance” motion to me I actually turned around to see who he was motioning to behind me.  It was enormously fun.  There’s a reason why all the girls want to dance with those guys!  And then, for the first time ever in my life, I had to turn one guy down for a dance because I’d already said yes to another.  It was an unusual night!