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I’m being crazy Let’s Post All The Time girl lately.  But Fr. Claus didn’t show up for History of Christianity II (Catholic Liberalism: An Oxymoron?) today (Tweedledum: You wait 10 minutes for a teacher, but add a title and you have to wait 15.  He’s a priest – we’ll give him the extra five. Me: What if he were a bishop? Tweedledum: Fifteen minutes. Me: What if he were a Doctor of the Church? Tweedledum: Fifteen minutes.)

So now I’m over in the library goofing off online until it’s time to go to my Math For Liberal Arts Majors class.  And it’s a good day.  I have my coffee (Highlander Grogg with cinammon, oh yeah), and I’m wearing my awesomely cool pink and orange flowered galoshes.  These are some of my favorite items of footwear, mostly because they empower me to stride right through the puddles.  Yeah, it’s pretty cool.  And I got to do an anonymous good deed last night.  Today I am a happy girl.