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So this is what I did this weekend.  Friday night I went home and started sewing.  See, there’s this dress Mabel wears at the swing dance.  It’s green silk, from a vintage pattern, utterly gorgeous.  It was also, as of Friday night, a pile of cut up pieces of fabric in the corner of my room.  I had to fix that.  So I sewed.  I sewed like a trooper!  Around one in the morning I realized that the darts in the front bodice had been sewn facing the wrong way.  That was when I put the fabric down and went to bed.

On Saturday I got up, went to a meeting that I couldn’t duck, went to Panera to do the last (I thought) edit on the Theology On Tap Spring flyer, then came home and started sewing again.  I started with fixing my mistakes from the day before.  Boy, I sewed hard!  By about 6:15pm I was putting the zipper in.  It didn’t go in very well, but I didn’t have time to fix it.  At 6:45 I tried it on for the family I live with.  There was much oohing and aahing.  Sunshine, the two year old, ran over and smoothed her hands down the front of the skirt, cooing, “Ooooh!  Pretty dress!”  I went back upstairs, took it off, took my shower, and headed over to The Duchess’s house, where we were filming the movie that night.

This is what we filmed:  Muriel opening the swing dance flyer and the girls deciding to go, then the girls sneaking out of the house.  Which means we repeatedly climbed out of the dining room (fixed up to look like a bedroom) window in our big, pouffy prom dresses while Indy filmed us.  I have to say, it was wonderful.  Sae especially was awesome.  She looked like Doris Day in her white dress, but she went out that window like Lucille Ball.  This is when I discovered a recurring aggravation of the weekend.  I kept laughing until I cried, and then the nice, dramatic 1940s eye makeup would run all over the place.  And when a girl is wearing prim little white gloves, she can’t wipe her eyes!  We finished shooting around 1:30am.

The next morning the girls were due back at 10:30 for hair & makeup.  The guys showed up around 11:00, and we all got into our costumes.  I have to say the punks had it extremely easy.  All they had to do is put on their white t-shirts and leather jackets.  I admit that the results were definitely worth the effort!  We were seriously gorgeous.  The way we looked, you could understand why the guys were fighting over who got to carry our suitcases!  After filming the luggage stealing, we headed out to Yellow Springs to film the girls arriving at the train station.  That part was cold.  Really cold.  The guys and girls parts were filmed seperately, so us girls didn’t have much to do for a while.  We did get to provide inspiration for the guys’ reaction shots.  Missouri was the best at it.  (The Duchess: “You want some fries with that shake?!”  Johnnycakes:  “Is that what they’re teaching the girls at Steubenville anymore?”  As the girls filmed their very last takes, it started to snow on us.

When we were done, we were tired, cold, and hungry.  So we all piled into the Jesus Van and headed for Villa di Giovanni, all still in our costumes.  They were awesome to us, and we got to swing dance a little in the foyer while they were setting up our table.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to add to my list of retail establishments at which I’ve swing danced in an impromptu fashion.  It was a perfect touch.  After dinner I went to Mass with 14.  We met the Beautiful T and MDoS there.  I could barely keep my eyes open through the end.  Then, having received my Beloved, I could go home and go to bed.  It was the perfect end to an amazing weekend.