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I really love my New Testament Greek class.  For our homework exercises we get to translate awesome stuff like (as badly transliterated by me) “Dio dzeteite to prosopon tou kuriou en proseuke en tois sabatois.” Which means, “Therefore seek the face of the Lord with prayer on the Sabbath.”

Last Wednesday sentence #2 translated as, “Hope in God, who opens a door for you in your need.”  That sentence clutched at my heart.  I’ve had some needs lately that I just didn’t know how they could be filled.  For instance, my athsma had been bad since I was sick about three weeks ago, and just wasn’t getting better.  I finally got to the doctor, who prescribed the drugs that would make me be able to breathe easily on a regular basis.  Only my student health care plan doesn’t cover prescriptions, and when I went to get my drugs from the pharmacy a one month’s supply of my main medication cost $160.  Yeah.  I can’t afford that.  Not in a million years.  But I rather like being able to breathe.  So I was trying to figure out if I could find a generic version (there isn’t one) or maybe just take less of the drug or something.

On Friday I went to my follow-up doctor’s appointment, and I asked the doctor about ways that I could make the medication stretch further.  He told me that taking it any other way would negate the medicine’s effects totally.  I told him how much the medication cost.  He sat for a minute, then said, “Who makes that medication?  I bet they have a patient assistance program.”  Then he got up and said, “Follow me.”  He took me back to his office, got online, googled the medication, found the drug company’s website, found their patient assistance program, printed out all the paperwork, filled it out himself, put himself down as my patient advocate, and called the drug company right then to get me enrolled.  Because of what he did, Friday night I was able to pick up a three month supply of the medication for a $10 co-pay.  When that’s used up the drug company will send me a one year supply free.  Yeah, free.

Conclusions?  My doctor is my hero forever.  Not all drug companies are blood sucking entities of evil.  God loves me.  A lot.  And to each one of you I say this:  Hope in God, for he opens a door for you in your need!