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Today is good.  I love the weather.  For some reason I’ve always liked strong wind.  I think it makes me feel free.  However, the main reason is that I just got back from the doctor, who gave me lovely drugs that will make it easier for me to breathe!  My athsma has been bugging me since I started to get sick two or three weeks ago.  Trying to pick up the pieces I dropped when I ended up in bed for a week has kept me too busy to get to the doctor until today.  (The Doc: You were too sick to go to the doctor?!  Me: When I have to walk here?  Yeah!)  Now I have a prescription for a better inhaler and some pills that will short-circuit the inflamation cycle I’m currently in.  I took the first dose as soon as I got back, and I can feel them work already.  So it’s a good day.

There is currently one fly in my ointment.  My two favorite theologians still alive are Christopher West and Stanley Hauerwas.  I got to see Hauerwas speak at UD last St. Patrick’s Day, and I enjoyed him very much.  Yesterday I found out that he’s coming back to UD again March 16.  I was all excited until I went to put it on my calendar and realized that’s the night I’m presenting Lumen Gentium part II to my CL group.  Argh!

I promised stuff about beauty, but I’m wimping out.  The drugs make my chest feel a whole lot better, but they’re making it hard to think.  So later for that… sorry.