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The new Jackson & Perkins catalog made its way to my doorstep yesterday.  Oh, I do love roses! If I ever have a garden of my very own I know what I’ll plant.  And maybe a big lilac in the corner.  Sigh.  I know I can’t have it while I’m still in school, but someday I really would like a place to put down some literal roots.  It gets sad working in gardens that aren’t really yours, and that you’re going to have to leave before too long.

And, encouraged by some things posted by a few friends friends, a poem about learning to swing dance:

Find your center, he tells me
As if it were that easy
As if all I need is to look for it
A “Tony, Tony, turn around…”
And there it would be
Brightly colored, perhaps,
Or lit with neon,
And I would wonder
How could I miss this before?
How could I not have known
The epicenter of my gravity,
The point of my being, around which
The rest of me revolves?
And I, looking,
Cannot think where I left it.