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And now, in other news…

I was going to say that my life can be summed up in three words (“swing dancing – yay!”) but that’s not really true.  As much as I love swing dancing, there’s a lot of other stuff going on too.  Friday saw the return of Professor Hottypants in my History of Christianity II (The Crusades and Why We’re Still Fighting Them) class.  Last night I had to break the news to Brooklyn that he’s no longer considered the cutest assistant theology professor at UD since Prof. H and his bee-yoo-teeful blue eyes entered the scene.  He took that rather well, though he was outraged at my refusal to address grad assistants who are probably younger than I am as “Professor.”  Brooklyn: “But I almost have my Ph.D.!” Me: “Almost.” Now he’s threatening to make me refer to him exclusively as Doctor as soon as he actually has his  Doctorate.  To which I say, whatever.

We’ve been having rehearsals for our next movie, which is looking more and more cool.  The biggest challenge so far has been juggling our rotating cast.  It’s been rather interesting.  While we were still getting things set Monsieur A. had to step down from being Bill, and then we were looking for a Peyton, but at least we had all the sisters set.  Now Brooklyn is being Bill, and we have a line on a guy for Peyton, but two of the sisters (Myrna and Maude) had to step down (Pixie had a wedding to plan and all).  Now Belle has all but signed on the dotted line for Myrna, and last night we recruited MerGirl for Maude.  (This is the character of Maude: “I’m Maude!  I’m cute and shy!”)  Maybe now we finally have the cast God wants us to have, and He’ll stop shaking things up!