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So today I walked into my History of Christianity part 2 (The Revenge of the Caesars) class to find, not my usual prof (a rather Santa Claus-ish priest) but Monsieur Tall, Dark, and Totally Cute.  He introduced himself as “Professor C,” and said that he’ll be subbing for Fr. Claus a few times this semester.  I snarked that it was probably more like Grad Assistant C, but to me he will forevermore be known as Professor Hotty Pants.  He actually seemed to somewhat know what he was lecturing on, which was nice.  Fr. Claus seems like a very nice man, and picks great textbooks, but he’s boring as heck in front of a classroom.  He’s just not the performing type.  Prof. Hotty Pants was more fun.  Also more fun to look at.

I’m such a language geek.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to code in Greek characters so they’ll show up on here.  A friend showed me how he does html for the Greek characters in his math equations, but when I tried it nothing happened.  Sigh.  Eventually I’ll get some Greek on here, I swear.

In other news, I just signed up for ASSLX3, aka Athens Super Small Lindy Exchange.   I’ve never been to a Lindy Exchange before.  I can’t wait to go, and dance a lot, and then dance some more, and then crash on my sister’s couch, and then dance, and then dance even more.  Oh, it will be lovely!