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I really like the saint we remember today – he was an Admiral in the Venetian navy by the time he was 20, and spent most of his time fighting pirates.  Then one day he just disappeared without saying anything to his family.  They investigated, and found out he’d entered a Benedictine monastary.  So you’ve got the pirate fighting, and then the abandoning everything for God.  Pretty awesome.

I’ve had a very full life recently.  A little while ago I mailed a friend a package.  This morning I was wondering whether she’d gotten it yet, and why I hadn’t heard from her.  Then I remembered – I just mailed it Friday!  It only feels like a week ago.

Mostly my life has been full of swing dancing.  I did a weekend-long workshop on a swing dance called Balboa, in which you dance really, really close to each other.  So I spent a large chunk of my weekend smushed up against various manly chests.  And for the record, “smush” is aparantly the technical term of choice for that.  My favorite quote of the weekend?  “Don’t rush the smush!”