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Twelve memorable things from Christmas so far:

  1. Watching little pieces of our screenplay come alive last night at the first read through – Sparkboy being Leonard on the couch with his shaking teacup, 14 and Pixie acting out the moment when Remy and Myrna literally fall in love.  It’s really real.  Who knew!
  2. Seeing Chronicles of Narnia twice, both times with excellent company.
  3. Fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  4. Showing Sunshine Baby the stars in my Christmas pedicure.
  5. The Our Lady of Guadelupe my mother gave me for Christmas: she’s screenprinted on a mirror with a large Mexican flag behind her.  The mirror plugs in, whereupon points of light start revolving around her.  I laughed non-stop for twenty minutes.  It was awesome.
  6. Watching the expression on Sweetness’s face when she introduced her boyfriend.  Anything that makes Sweetness that transcendently happy is a-ok by me!
  7. Catching my hair on fire at the New Year’s Eve party – there were little candles all over the fireplace mantle.  I was leaning against it talking to friends, and my hair came too close to one of them.  But there’s a happy ending – 14 was there, and saved me before I even knew anything was happening.  My hero!
  8. Dancing in the kitchen to Frank Sinatra with Monsieur A. in between sectioning out oranges for the New Year’s Day Duckling a la Orange.
  9. Watching Pride and Prejudice with my beautiful sisters.
  10. I got a ticket!  Really!  It doesn’t mean what I thought it would mean, but it’s still exciting.
  11. The t-shirt I got from the Duchess – on the front it says, “Love is patient.”  On the back it says, “So I shall wait.”  And I will.
  12. Learning more about accepting all things with joy.

It’s been a good Christmas, friends.  Not necessarily an easy one, but still good.