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So this is what was cool about my Christmas so far: getting the perfect black skirt for swing dancing from Dr. K, the thank you note & chocolate from Jersey’s mom, realizing that I can have my life go haywire and still somehow pull As out of my butt, the gorgeous rose bracelet in my stocking, Buca di Beppo, dark chocolate, belting out Joy To The World at the end of Midnight Mass standing next to J-Dawg, having a family that likes singing all the verses to the Christmas carols (in four part improvised harmony).

I was going to follow that up with a list of the things that were not so cool about this Christmas so far, but friends, I can see the floor of my closet right now, and life is too good to think about the crappy stuff.

And yeah, it’s Christmas so far.  Because Christmas ain’t over til it’s over, and that’s not until the Feast of Epiphany.  I’ve got ten days of Christmas cheer before me, and it’s a beautiful sight (I’m happy tonight, walkin’ in a winter… oh, sorry).  Merry Christmas!!!!