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Oh, my friends, my friends, my friends – this life I lead!  Will this crazy, mad whirlwind never stop?!  This is what I’ve been up to:

Monday:  Mad crazy swing dance fun for the NET team.  It went even better than I hoped!  The space was perfect (not way too small like I was worrying, but just right), we had exactly enough guys for all the girls, and everyone had a lot of fun.  Indy and I got together some good swing-y hats for the NET guys to wear, and brought all our vintage bling for the girls.  KJ contributed gorgeous feather boas and hair ornaments.  Everyone got really into it.  KJ and Hatman were awesome instructors – even those who had never danced before were doing great.

It was a little surreal for me.  In the group I usually dance with there’s definitely a hierarchy.  I haven’t been dancing all that long, and I’m not super good, so the Really Good Dancers don’t usually much talk to me, or even notice my existence.  On Monday I was one of the Really Good Dancers, which isn’t as much fun as I’d expected.  Mostly it meant I had to bully most of the NET guys into dancing with me because they were intimidated by my mad skills.  Also, I’ve heard really hard core dancers talk about coming home from a dance with blisters and things on their feet, which always impressed me with their dance-madness.  After the dance Monday I noticed that I had danced myself into a big blood blister on one of my toes.  (Yeah, dancing in stocking feet on linoleum over concrete will do that I guess.)  It doesn’t hurt.  Instead it feels like some sort of rite of passage.

Tuesday: This year we have little  kids in our house who celebrate St. Nick’s Day.  It was very cool.  When I came down in the morning I found a bag of candy and a DVD of Troy sitting on top of my shoes.  I’ve been kindof wanting to see that, not because I’m much of a Brad Pitt fan, but because I like the Classics, and Sean Bean, who plays Odysseus, it totally hot.  Then when I was leaving for work, on my doorstep I found the beautiful golden box of St. Nick’s treats two of my sisters had left there for me!  It was so cool.  I took them to work with me and bestowed them on carefully chosen co-workers.

Wednesday: In the morning I got a phonecall from Bogart.  Sunshine just wasn’t as better as we wanted her to be, and she was going to have to go home to Maryland.  Could I come take both of them to the airport, and then take him to rejoin his team in Middletown?  I could.  So, friends, this is what I did.  First, I called and borrowed a friend’s minivan (my car is all ghetto, and the window whistles on the highway really annoyingly.  While it’s fun to watch MDoS yell at it and pound on the door, I wasn’t going to do that to my NET peeps).  Then I drove to Englewood to collect it.  Then I drove home.  Then I drove to Carroll HS to pick up Bogart and Sunshine.  Then I took them to the Dayton airport.  We hung out in the airport some.  Then Bogart needed some sustenance.  We procured some.  Then I drove Bogart to Middletown to rejoin his team.  Then I drove the minivan back to Englewood, and picked up my little ghetto car again.  Then I drove to youth group, arriving about ten minutes before it was due to end.  (Kolbe: “You look sick.  You should go home.”)  Then I went out to Roosters with the other leaders.  I ate a burger.  Then I went home.

Thursday: I made phone calls.  I had a package to deliver to St. Luke’s for the NET team, so I called Bogart.  He was in the ER with Jersey, whose appendix was possibly about to burst.  After I finished my phone calls, I went to Mass where I prayed very hard for my poor NET kids.  Then, in the quickly falling snow, I went shopping for groceries and supplies for the Indian Music Video Gala Premier that was the next day.  Then I went to Panera with MDoS where we worked on the script for The Next Movie(!).  Then we picked up Indy Jo, came back to my house and worked some more.  Then I made everyone breakfast (Me: How many eggs do you want?  MDoS: Five.  Me: Ok.), and we worked some more.  Then it was late, and we all needed to sleep, and the roads were bad.  So Indy Jo and MDoS slept over.

Friday: I woke up to Indy knocking on my door.  I could hear the little kids shrieking and chasing MDoS around the downstairs.  I stayed upstairs for a while.  Then I went down and made breakfast.  (Me: How many eggs do you want?  MDoS: Two?  Me: Ok.  MDoS: (later) Can I have two more?  And some bread maybe?  Me: Ok.)  Then I got a call from Jersey’s mother.  I hadn’t heard from Bogart.  Usually with a NET team, no news is good news.  Only not this time.  Jersey was still really sick, and would either go into surgery that afternoon, or fly home.  Jersey’s mom was wondering if anyone would be able to come pick her up at the airport.  So I made some phone calls.  It turned out that Jersey was going home.  The Best Mom In The Whole World (BMITWW) voluteered to take him.  God bless her forever and ever!

I stayed home and cooked a lot of Indian food.  Other people came over and cleaned and rearranged the furniture and put up lights and draped saris over everything, transforming our house into a place of wonder!  It was way awesome.  Then I got pretty.  What I wore: gray ballgown skirt, black tank, black shrug with big vintage rhinestone pin fastening it, vintage rhinestone earrings, tiara, gray cat houseslippers (mostly invisible under my ground-sweeping skirt).  Everyone was so beautiful (or handsome, or stinkin’ hot, as they prefer)!  The food turned out great, the place was awesome, and the red carpet added teh perfect finishing touch.  The movie was incredible.  We laughed, we cried.  Then we put the chairs away, rolled up the rugs, and danced the night away!  It was perhaps the best party I’ve ever thrown, and believe me, I’ve hosted some good ones.

Saturday:  I tried to recover from my week.  Laundry was done.  Then the dog died.  Yeah, you read that right.  BMIWW let her out in the back yard.  When she called for her to come back in, she didn’t respond.  She found her laying in the snow in the alley.  She hadn’t been hit by a car at all – she looked like she had just flopped over.  She was really old – 13 1/2.  We think probably her heart just quit.  BMIWW took it hard.  I watched the kid while she took the dog to the vet’s to be held until the pet cemetary/crematorium could take care of her.   Some family came over to help mourn.  Then MDoS showed up.  After a while we (well, mostly I) decided to go to the movies.  So we did.  FYI: Corpse Bride is pretty cool, but 40 Year Old Virgin is horrible.  Really.  Someone told me it wasn’t all that bad, so I thought I’d give it a try.  But it is all that bad.  Really bad.  I spent 2/3 of the movie curled up cringeing in my seat with the hood of my sweatshirt pulled down over my face.  Sometimes I tried to wrap the collar of my coat around my ears too.  When we came out to the lobby, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey, one of my favorite Christmas songs, was starting to play.  (Me: Is this the song I think it is?  MDoS: By Mariah Carey?  Yes.  Me:  Wanna dance?)  So we danced.  It was awesome.

Sunday:  Oh, the NET-aliciousness!  My NET peeps were due back from their retreat at St. Luke’s at 4:30.  (Bogart: Maybe 4:32.  Me: Ok.  At 4:38 I’ll start to worry.)  Two of them were going to stay at my sisters’ place, the other four girls were going to stay with me, and the guys were going to stay at 14’s place. (He’s not using it cuz he’s in Florida right now.  Yeah, Florida.)  So this is what I did.  I went to Mass and Confession (oh, the joys of a clean soul!), then went over to 14’s to turn on the heat, etc.  Then I went home.  Then Indy Jo called & reminded me that I was supposed to be at the ‘rents right then for a family brunch.  So I went there.  Then I went home and cleaned.  Then the NET team arrived.  It was 4:28.  We hung out some, and watched the videotape of The Quiet One getting electrocuted.  Then we went over to my sisters and ate bean soup.  And laughed a lot.  Then we brought the girls who were staying with me home, and I took the guys to 14’s.  Then I went home.  Then I finished writing the Second Draft of our script for The Next Movie.  Then I fell asleep.

Monday (today): I had coffee with NET girls (always the best way to start a day).  Then the rest of the team arrived.  We hung out a while, and then we prayed.  (Prayer is good!  We like it!)  Then we ate lunch: oven-fried chicken drummies, twice baked potatoes, and salad, all prepared lovingly by BMIWW.  Then I forced various people to read & praise the screenplay for The Next Movie.  Then the NET boys did their version of the choreography from the Indian Music Video.  Then the team headed out for a movie and shopping, and I headed over to the library.  Supposedly I’m studying for my history final tomorrow.  Yeah.  Looks like I’m blogging instead…  Later I’m picking up The Kiddo and taking her to meet her mom & the NET team for dinner.  The team leaves tomorrow morning early to return to St. Paul.  I’m going to miss them.  A lot.

And that’s my life.