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So it’s really late at night (or really early in the morning, depending on your perspective) and I can’t sleep.  I really want to get a good night’s sleep, because tomorrow I’m going dancing all day.  I’ve been looking forward to this a long time – it’s my reward for surviving Thanksgiving – and I wanted to be all rested up and ready.  Only I’ve been laying in bed with the lights out for half an hour without a wink of sleep.  I haven’t even been drowsy.  Instead I’ve been doing Balboa footwork in my head the entire time: right, left, right-kick, left, right, left-kick.  Friends, this can only mean one thing!  It’s time to update my blog!

Where to start?  My life has been full of NET related stuff.  A week ago I welcomed Team 6 into the Archdiocese.  They’ve been having a very interesting time, with exciting retreats, a van break-down on the side of I-75, visits to the emergency room, etc.  Since I’m the Archdiocesan Coordinator, this means that my life has been rather interesting too.  Wednesday they did a retreat for my home parish (Corpus Christi).  It was so much fun to watch them minister to my kids.  We had a bonfire afterwards (Hunter and Bogart demonstrated for me the authentic Country way to roast a hot dog over a way too hot fire), and then finally got them off to their host families.

Thursday I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family and the team.  This is what we had: turkey (of course), stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, buttermilk biscuits, candied sweet potatoes, cheese grits, cranberry sauce, salad, broccoli (with or without cheese sauce), winter squash, a small dish of maccaroni and cheese just for Salsa Girl, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  It was really fun, and it even was all ready on time! We had a dance party in the kitchen while we were cooking. (What, you thought I made everything by myself?  No, just the first seven things.)  The team was highly appreciative, especially Hunter.  Every time I brough a new dish from the kitchen he went practically incoherent with delight.  (Bogart: “It’s glorious!”)

The big thing they’ve been dealing with (and consequently I’ve been dealing with) is sickness.  The girls are being laid low with respiratory difficulties of all kinds.  Four of them ended up staying in Dayton while the rest did the retreat in Cincinnati on Tuesday.  We were hoping that the extra R&R would do the trick, but alas, no.  This afternoon it looked like four (a different conglomeration) would have to stay behind again while the team heads into the northern area of the diocese for a while.  At the last minute the doctor said two were well enough to travel, so I currently only have two tucked up in my parents’ house (hopefully) recovering from their ailments.  If you all could pray really hard for this team, I would appreciate it.  They’re close to the end of this part of their year, but they’re not home yet!  There’s still a few weeks to go, and they could be pretty miserable if this sickness doesn’t loosen its grasp on the team.  So intercede, friends, intercede!