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Bernadette’s Stress-O-Meter: high, but not too bad.  It’s at the level where I tend to have a headache most of the time, about three or four notches below last Wednesday.  This is ok – I can sustain this level of stress for a long time.

Announcement: The date of the premier party for the Indian Music Video has been set!  We’ll get to finally see the video in all its glory on Friday, December 9!  People should converge on my house about 7pm, wearing their finest threads.  I’m making some Indian food, but we’re asking everyone to bring either a snack or a drink to share.  It’s going to be a great party!

I’m trying to post a picture of my NET team (the one that’s in the Archdiocese right now, not one of the ones I was on) but for some reason I can’t get my pop-up blocker to cooperate with me.  Sigh.  You’ll just have to click on this link instead.  Aren’t they cute!?  Please pray for them – they’re getting hammered pretty hard with colds & stuff.  And sickness is doubly difficult when you don’t have the option of just staying put for a few days.  So things are rough for them right now.  But we’re taking care of them the best we can.

This morning I had to say good-bye to 14 – he’s going to be out of town for about a month.  I hate it when my friends go away.  Why can’t everyone just stay in Dayton?