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I am so tired right now, but it’s time to update…  I just got back from a marathon family meeting at which we hashed out the family events over Christmas (we believe in really celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, not just Christmas Eve & Day), plus our famous New Year’s Day party.  As usual I’m making the duck and goose, plus an hors d’oeuvre or two, and one of my awe-inspiring cakes.  We had to hash out the guest list too.  That’s always fun.  We have a varying number of spots to fill each year, so everyone nominates whoever they like, and then we vote.  All I have to say is – if you know me and you’re not invited, well, I tried.

Yesterday was a really fun day.  I met 14 at noon Mass, and then we went down to Wympee’s for lunch and really confused the owner.  Wympee’s (the slightly scuzzier diner down by the Main Library) is under new management.  MDoS and I happened to try it one time when Yummy Burger was closed, and we really liked it.  Part of the reason is that the owner really likes us.  Or he likes me anyway.  He got very worried when MDoS brought in the Beautiful T instead of me one time.  This time I don’t know how thrilled he was about 14.  People I’d never even seen before were popping their heads out of the kitchen to take a look at us.  They just don’t know what to make of us.  We’re not sure how to tell them that we’re all just good friends.

We headed back to my house to hang out for a while after lunch, and then MDoS came over.  So it was me and My Boys.  After a while I decided to cook.  So they stayed for dinner.  I got to break out the fresh pasta maker again.  Then there were the dishes to do.  I felt rather persecuted.  Not only did I get sprayed with water, totally interrupting my much deserved back rub, but then they conspired to whap me on the butt with the dish towels! Not fair!  But I’ll get my revenge, sooner or later… (evil laugh).  After the dishes came Mario Cart, and then movies.  Except we drew the line at The Little Mermaid.  We do have some standards, you know.  That was when we sent MDoS off into the night with his Disney movie to seek an unattended VCR on UD campus.  I’m not sure how successful he was.  Good times…