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So last night at swing one of the Really Good Guys asked me to dance!  None of those guys has ever shown even the slightest interest in dancing with me before.  It was very exciting.  And I can see why The Feisty Blonde told me I really needed to dance with that guy at least once in my life.  Afterwards he said, “That was very enjoyable!” twice, both times in a slightly surprised tone of voice.  Then Brooklyn Boy told me that, compared to the other girls dancing, I had very clean footwork.  Which is a rather backwards compliment, but I’ll take it!  Now if I could just stop anticipating on the one in Lindy…

In other news, if you say “flocci non facio” with emphasis, it sounds like you’re saying something rather obscene.  But really you’re just saying, “I don’t give a darn” in Latin.