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So Halloween is coming – I’ve never been one to really get too much into Halloween.  My parents didn’t do Halloween – they were a little too Charismatic to stomache all the occult associations and not quite Catholic enough to figure out a way to get back to the holiday’s roots (All Hallows’ Eve – the eve of All Saints’ Day).  The first time I ever went trick or treating I was 25.  It was fun.  I wore a witch’s hat and got a lot of chocolate.

The good part of Halloween is the kids.  I love seeing little kids in costumes, especially the little girls who you can tell think they’re really, really pretty in their costumes.  All the little girls I live with are being Disney Princesses this year.  The 10 year old is going to be Snow White, the 4 year old is going to be Little Mermaid, and the 2 year old is going to be Cinderella.  The 2 year old is especially adorable.  If you ask her to, she’ll spin to show off how full her skirt is.  She raises her hands over her head as she twirls, and her whole face beams.  It’s beautiful.