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So I’m here at work, thinking about things, like how much I would like to fly one day (without mechanical assistance, I mean), and how much I really can’t stand my History of Christianity teacher.  Someone explain the justice of this to me:  that I have to drop Philosophy (which I love, and has a teacher I really like) yet I have to keep History of Christianity, which has the teacher I loathe with a passion that will never die.  Why do I despise her so much, you may ask?  It’s hard to say.  Partly because she sensationalizes things in an effort to engage her students’ attention.  She isn’t that good of a teacher, so she plays the sex card, making things seem more scandalous than they were in order to make us listen.  Friends, history does not need sensationalizing!  It’s plenty scandalous as it really was.  And then, when you exaggerate like that you become inaccurate, which is totally aggravating.  If you’re teaching a bloody history class, please do me the courtesy of at least trying to reflect something like reality!  Plus sometimes she comes out with these theological statements that make me go “wtf?!” (which, me being me, means what the flounder, just in case you were wondering).  It hasn’t been about big things yet, so I can’t just write her off as a crank and forget about it.  Instead I have to actually listen to her and try to figure out what she’s trying to say.  And I really don’t want to listen to her anymore.

On the bonus side of my life, yesterday I had lunch with my most excellent cousin JohnnyCakes.  It is always fun to tell him my news.  Three times I almost made him inhale his cheeseburger by surprising him into laughter.  It’s a record to be proud of.  For some reason I had the grace of the one-liners yesterday.  My favorite?  “He can sing me a chorus of Uptown Girl and get over it.” No, I won’t explain that.