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Bernadette’s Quote Book
Prof. Herd: “[My wife] never did tell me what she was doing in the Soviet Union during the mid 80s…”
Senora: “It’s the weirdest kind of show, with little creatures talkin’ to each other all the time… oh yeah, South Park.”

So I had something of an epiphany today during my history class.  I’ve had this story kicking around in my head since I was a Senior in high school (yeah, a long time).  At different points I’ve worked out parts of it, but I always knew that I needed to know a lot more about history and politics to ever write it the way it should be written.  At one point I figured out that it was set in an alternative incarnation of Victorian Europe, and did some research on England at that time, and Queen Victoria.  While that research was helpful, the story still never really clicked.

Today during class (Europe: 1815-1914) we were discussing the fall of Louis Napoleon’s Empire, and the Paris Commune.  I suddenly realized that the reason the story never clicked was that I was writing about the wrong country!  It wasn’t set in Victorian England, it was set in Victorian France!  And the monarch I should be researching isn’t Victoria at all, but Empress Eugenie!  It all suddenly makes so much more sense.  It was never England, but France, and the France that I knew from reading Victor Hugo at a way too young & impressionable age (I first read Les Miserables in an abridged edition in fifth grade).  I am just starting to realize the depth of the impression that book made on me.  Wow.  Maybe now I can finally write this thing…