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So I chose Hitch as my movie of the post, not because I’ve actually watched it recently (though I do have it and like it) but because that’s what I feel like lately.  I’m Hitch, only not a guy.  Or black.  Or whatever.  This is actually my first foray into matchmaking, or creating oportunities for romance, or perhaps just being the social doyenne I am.  So far it seems to be going well.  We’ll see what happens…

Meanwhile, in the rest of my life…  it was an interesting weekend.  Yesterday we had Indian Music Video Rehearsal, where we learned such amazing moves as the Cheese Grater, and the Indian Music Video Hoedown, and the importance of hip-popping.  That was for the ladies anyway.  The guys’ moves had more manly names, like the Pulse, and the Lasso, and, um, I forget.  Mad props to Sparkboy for keeping his dhoti on the longest.

Friends, this video is going to be seriously awesome, due in no small part to MDoS’s amazing choreography, and corresponding amazing patience in teaching it.  I was watching the guys dance, and realized that it was a mathematician, two engineers, a geologist, and a classicist all dancing in unison and looking actually rather good.  When we have all the guys together it will be another engineer and an engineer-in-training.  This is just very funny to me.

Afterwards there was Indian food for a few of us, and then I had stuff to do at home (I sicced the two year old on MDoS to keep him occupied while I was busy), then over to his apartment along with the Beautiful T to watch Strictly Ballroom.  Good movie, late night, overslept this morning.  This is a pattern I’ve really, really got to break.