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So tonight was Laundry Night, also Movie w/The Kids Night, also Homework Night, also Icecream with Peeps And Then Playing Family Feud Night.  It is at last at an almost end.  I’m really tired, but I have to wait for one last thing to finish cycling before I can shove it in the dryer and go to bed.  So I thought I’d update…

These are the retail establishments I have now swing danced in an impromptu fashion at:
Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins
Coldwater Creamery
I’m seeing a strong coffee/ice cream theme emerging.  This afternoon there was a live band playing outside the superstore I visited with a friend.  The music was emminently danceable.  At the last minute we decided on the prudence of not being too conspicuous.  Still, it was a near thing.

My family plus several friends & acquaintances went to the horse races yesterday to celebrate one of my sister’s birthday.  It was fun.  I really like horses.  I even kind of like how they smell – how weird is that?!  Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do at race tracks besides bet.  I put a few bucks on a horse named Giant Commander based mainly on the name (you think I have any clue what all the statistics mean?) only to discover that he wasn’t all that giant, or all that commanding.  He also lost.  After that I didn’t bet anymore.  Instead I discovered the joys of sneaking peanut shells into 14’s pockets when he wasn’t looking.  Good times.

Tomorrow is our first rehearsal for our Indian Music Video.  I’m looking forward to it a lot.  A bunch of us are meeting at Mass and then heading over.  There have been some last minute changes in casting (the inimitable Hat Man will be joining us – wahoo!), but I’m continually amazed by Indy’s level of preparedness.  I’ll let you know how it goes.