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My life is full of amazing things.  This includes the bunny face that the inimitable Hat Man showed me the other night.  I’ve gotten so much milage out of it, especially with my youth group.  The Jesus/parabola joke has also been extremely useful, especially at my engineering research lab job.  Except I’m so un-Math savvy that our Math doctorate guy had to tell me that my formula really ought to start with “y=…”  Sigh.  What can I say.  If he wanted a definition & discussion of teleology I’d be all over that.

Don’t know what else to say.  The swing dancing continues.  I didn’t get to dance nearly as much last night as I wanted to, mostly cuz I needed to do some relationship investment/maintenance.  Which as much as I love to dance, my sister is more important.  But it was a little frustrating.

Afterwards there was more Fun With Relationships, featuring a young friend making me want to bang my head repeatedly against any convenient hard surface.  Except it would be a lot more fun to bang his head against any convenient hard surface, and it would probably do a lot more good.  Argh!  Ok.  Offer it up…

Today is better.  The weather is gorgeous.  Because of the Fun With Relationships I overslept and missed my 9 o’clock class (which I cannot do again).  While this seriously stank, it did give me a little extra time at home.  The chillier turn our weather has taken inspired me to haul out the suitcase I store my out of season clothes in and pull out my cold weather stuff.  It was fun finding things I’d forgotten I had.  Plus there’s the very cute sweaters I picked up at the thrift store last weekend.  Friends, I intend to be warm this winter, and look awful cute while doing it!