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Quote from Magistra: “He prostated himself, oh whoops, I meant prostrate – I’ve had prostates on my mind lately!”

So the mad swing dancing craziness continues.  I’m getting better little by little.  Those Charleston turns I was so impressed when MDo’S and the Duchess did them last Sunday?  I can do those now.  I’ve been practicing every chance I get.  This afternoon I was doing Lindy turns around the copy room at work while I was waiting for a fax to go through.  Oh, and here’s the fun thing!  There’s a swing dance Saturday at the Antioch Shrine on First Street downtown, and I’m so going to be there!  It’s a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, from 8-12pm, with a lesson for beginners from 8-9.  Cost is $5, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.  It’s going to be a good time!

This whole leading/following thing in dancing is really interesting.  You have to not only trust the guy you’re dancing with, but really focus on him so that you can pick up his cues.  Sometimes I don’t know what song we’re dancing to until it’s almost over because I’m trying to just pay attention to the guy (of course, sometimes the guy isn’t actually dancing to the music, and I have to follow him, not the song).  But just trusting like that isn’t something that’s much encouraged in our society.  It’s also interesting how much you can find out about a guy from the way he leads.  Which makes me nervous about what my partners are finding out about me from the way I follow, if they’re even thinking about this at all.  They are guys, after all.  Guys don’t think about this stuff like girls do.