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Quote from Prof. Herd (no, that’s not his real name!): “You shouldn’t use the feminine pronoun to refer to nations.  You never see the US referred to as ‘she.’  Or Canada.  Or Belgium.  Belgium is my litmus test – if it’s not being done to Belgium, there’s a problem.”

It’s really an odd feeling when people you never expected to read your blog start reading it.  I showed this to a friend the other day, and then paranoidly had to get online as soon as physically possible afterwards to edit my posts.  I wanted to make sure they didn’t say anything potentially embarassing.  It was a bit of a surreal experience.

I went swing dancing again Wednesday – it was really fun.  I’m improving some too!  I danced with the president of the swing club again, and this time he didn’t chant the steps for me.  Also Tall Boy, whom I think I may rename The Swing MackDaddy, except I’m so unhip I’m not sure I spelled that right, showed me the Charleston and these really, really cool turns you can do with it.  I’ve been practicing in the few spare moments I’ve had since.  There haven’t been that many, but at least I’m practicing!  I think I might get to go salsa dancing tomorrow, and then there’s swing dancing Sunday afternoon again.  MWPS wants to go, so we’ll see what we can arrange…