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One of my oldest dreams has come true!  My friends, I can swing dance!!!!! It has been an amazing past few days.  Sunday I met up with KJ, Tall Boy, the Duchess, and J-Dawg at Wegerzyn, where we had a lesson, and then danced!  KJ and I were learning basically for the first time – I had a not very good lesson years ago and never got to practice after that.  Tall Boy, however, is really, really good.  He was on the performance team for his college.  He’s such a good lead he had me doing things I didn’t know I could do.  It was rather amazing.  I have to say (based on my small experience) that having a strong lead makes all the difference!  MWPS (aka The Man With The Peculiar Smile) dropped by just long enough to dance with all the girls, and then headed off again.  He’s a good lead too.  I’d never waltzed before, but I did with him.

Last night I got talked into going to the swing club meeting at Wright State.  They have a lesson for an hour, and then two hours of dancing.  It was really fun!  I learned what Tall Boy says will prepare me for the Lindy, and then at the very end he showed me some of the Lindy too.  Unfortunately, my coach had to turn into a pumpkin rather early.  I’m a schoolgirl, and I had Descartes to read.

I’ve been told I’m a fairly good dancer, but I have an inferiority complex.  I’ve never been good at physical stuff, and it takes me a little while to get comfortable with things.  When I’m dancing with Tall Boy I’m fine, but when I’m dancing with other guys I don’t know I get nervous and tense up.  Then I’m not so good.  Maybe when I’ve had a little more practice I’ll be better at relaxing.  It didn’t help that the first guy I danced with last night chanted “triple step, triple step, rock step” the entire time.  It was very helpful for my dancing, but it made me feel really stupid. I know he wasn’t doing it for his benefit, cuz he was the president of the swing club.  Next time, maybe, I’ll be good enough he won’t feel it’s necessary…