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So I’m back at school, and boy, I don’t think I’ve hardly had time to breathe the last few days!  Let me catch y’all up with me…

It was a good weekend – Friday was out to Yellow Springs with my sister, then hanging out with Pixie Girl, Hot Josh, and Friar Mark (up from Cincy on leave from the Friary).  The rest of the Gang joined us after they got out of the movie.  I was going to go out dancing with a few other friends, but they didn’t call until too late.  Then Saturday I went with another section of The Gang to see The Great Race down at the Victoria.  Which is one of the most excellent movies ever made.  I’ve only ever seen it on TV before this.  It was really a treat to see it on the big screen.  I love that movie so much.

Afterwards people didn’t seem all that interested in anything, so the group broke up.  Then on the way home I got a call from KJ saying that she and Tall Boy were done with their festivities, and did we want to go dancing?  We did want to go dancing.  So we went out to Julia’s.  The crowd was a little older, but the music was good, and we had a good time.  Tall Boy was the only guy dancing with three girls.  Random men kept coming up and giving him high fives and stuff.  This amused me a lot.

Sunday I went up to Columbus with my family to see Cirque du Soleil, which was so amazing.  It was beautiful beyond words.  It brought tears to my eyes.  If you’d like to see a little glimpse of what I saw, click here.  Afterwards my family went to dinner at Bucca di Beppo, the coolest Italian restaurant ever.  Next time we want to sit at the Pope table – ’nuff said.

And then school started Monday.  My History class seems like it’ll be interesting, my Religion teacher seems a little full of herself (she wore her academic robes to class and made her grad student sit in the back of the room and alphabetize papers), and my Latin teacher told me that I needed to skip a year.  I was not sure about this.  The last time I took Latin was in high school, and I didn’t really study all that much.  However, I sat in on the higher level class later that afternoon, and she was right.  I could totally do what they were doing.  So now I’m in Latin 141, and really hoping I’m not going to look like an idiot in front of the rest of the class.

And that’s my life so far.  I had Philosophy this morning, which was fun.  I think I’m going to enjoy that class too.  And now I’m at work.  It’s good to sit still.  I like sitting still sometimes…