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I’m actually busy at work!  I  know, I can hardly believe it myself.  It’s still a little mind numbing, but way better than the alternative.  I’m fixing formatting on these huge technical manuals – right now I’m on page 43 of 152 of one, and it’s the third one I’ve worked on.  The cool thing is that in order to facilitate my work they’ve put me on the super fast computer down the hall from the main office.  Since I’m not answering the phone I can listen to my music, and the desk is in front of two big windows so I can actually see the outside.  It’s pretty cool.

Last night I got to tramp the backroads of Oakwood with The Beautiful T, which was great.  I’ve had a lot to process lately, and she’s very good at helping me find perspective without encouraging my tendency towards drama.  It’s a cool thing.  I would say that I need more friends like her, only there are no other people like her!  She’s the one, the only, the Super T!

Tonight I’m skipping CL (waa!) to go to a Dragon’s game with my extra brother Mr. Maker (yay!).  It’s a tradition that we have to take in at least one game every summer.  I always have a good time.  I cheer very enthusiastically for random players, and throw my peanut shells at Mr. Maker .  I’m looking forward to it, but I’m going to miss my CL peeps!

Also, I’m finally reading the latest Harry Potter.  I started it a while ago, but then my life got really busy, and I haven’t been able to get back to it.  However, it seems very important to the 11-year old in my life that I finish it, so I’m making a push to get done.  No spoilers, please!