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I have had the most social weekend ever!  Friday night was Indian Movie Night (that’s Indian as in from India, not Indian as in Native American).  Lots of friends showed up, which was way cool, including some that I never expected.  I was a little worried that they wouldn’t get into the whole Indian movie dynamic (overblown drama, long & cheesy dance numbers with incredible dancing, etc.), but all my worries were put to rest.  At the critical moment in the film, when the hero suddenly realizes the heroine’s Deep Dark Secret, the camera focuses in on him as he turns his head dramatically towards her, and the Violins of Doom start to play, all of them raised their hands towards the screen and cried “No!”  It was a beautiful moment.

I hope my readers also appreciate how I managed not to name a single name in that previous paragraph!

Saturday I went to the wedding of my friends Kathy & Frank.  They’re part of my Catholic young adult group, so a lot of my other friends were there too.  Like all good Catholic weddings, they had a great DJ (you’re not really married until they do the chicken dance), so there was much dancing.  My legs are still sore.  Sparkboy turned out to be the goofiest, funnest dancer ever – he would just break into these moves like the funky chicken and other stuff I don’t even know the name of.  Pretty impressive for a bashful engineer from Indiana.

The reception was over about 8pm, and I was still ready for fun.  So I called up some friends who I knew were hanging out that night, and we all ended up heading out to Young’s Dairy to play putt-putt and consume ice cream.  It was myself, Hot Josh, Beautiful T, and The Man With The Peculiar Smile.  We played Truth-Or-Dare putt-putt: whoever wins a particular hole gets to ask everyone else a question.  It was way fun, but it made us play really, really slow.  I think we took over two hours to play the course.  I was by far the worst player, which I rather expected.  People will just have to love me for something other than my miniature golf skills.  Afterwards there was ice cream, or rather gelato for most of us and a huge banana split for The Man.  It was, I think, one of the nicest evenings I’ve had in a while.

Sunday I was all socialed out.  I went to Mass at 10:30 at Emmanuel so I could go to Confession first (I just felt like my soul could use a polish), did a little grocery shopping, and went home and hid in my room most of the day.  While I was up there I called up my dearest friend The Young Queen.  We talked until my cell phone battery died, then I took a nap while it recharged, and we talked again.  Hot Josh called and invited me to go to the Rock With Jesus Mass at Immaculate, so I met him there, briefly said hi afterwards to Doc, my amazingly cool friend who rocks out with the band, then sped off to keep an appointment with a friend.  I had dinner with her, then finally made it home again, where I couldn’t get to sleep because of all the iced tea I drank at dinner!

It was a good weekend.