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So this morning as I was on my way down the stairs to work (late, cuz the toilet clogged.  And cuz I overslept, but we’re not mentioning that part) Sunshine, the almost 2 year old ran out to meet me.  She’s little, so she’s not real verbal, but we had this whole conversation.  First she squealed and ran to me, and I jumped her up into my arms.  Then she showed me the doll she was playing with, and I appreciated it.  Then she wanted down, so I put her down.  She twirled to show me how the ruffles on the bottom of her nightgown swing out, and I appreciated that too.  Then I poked her tummy, and she laughed, and said, “Bye bye!”  I said bye too, and that was it.  I think that’s enough to make me cheerful all day today.