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So I just had the most surreal 4-way conversation.  IMing Mamacita, who was also IMing Charlie Brown, while I had Indy on the phone.  I was arranging for Charlie Brown to come pick up Indy so that they and Mamacita ould go to Fudruckers.  I can’t go because I have to stay at work so I can pay down my credit card bill after putting my latest car repairs on it.

Speaking of car repairs, I’m so glad to have my little Honda back, especially since the muffler isn’t dragging behind anymore (woot!), and the brakes actually work (woot! woot!).  I will miss the van I was borrowing, though.  For one thing, it had AC.  For another, it had a CD player.  I’ve had the latest Michael Buble CD on heavy rotation the last several days.  There’s this little part on I Feel Good that just gets me every time I hear it.  If you were here I could play it for you, but there’s no way to describe it without sounding like a total perv.  Suffice it to say, he could come sing under my window any day!