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So it’s been approximately forever since I updated, mostly because life happened.  I started working full time, and we had a family with five little kids move in with us, and then there was getting unpacked from vacation, and then taking youth group kids to Steubenville (which totally rocked!), and well, a little guy stuff going on too.  So that’s why you haven’t heard much from me.  But I’m here, and reading other people’s blogs, and stuff, and I’ll update more often, I swear I will!

Going down to Steubenville I drove the mini-van of Sr. high boys.  People kept asking if I was enjoying myself in that “oh, poor you” tone of voice, but I really had a good time.  My Co-Fearless Leader Luke made the rule that we were only going to play Christian music, and then proceeded to play all these bands that I’d never heard of before, and really, really liked.  So I think I have a bunch of new favorite music.

In other news, we had a family with five kids move in with us, which is totally great!  I love kids, and they seem to think I’m fairly cool too.  The baby is almost two, and spent the first several days hiding behind her mother’s legs whenever I came into the room.  Then she discovered that I can tickle, and now I’m one of her favorite people.  The other morning when I came downstairs as soon as she saw me she shrieked with joy, threw out her arms, ran straight to me, and launched herself into my arms.  It delighted me so much!  This family is so awesome.  I’m so glad they moved in.