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This vacation has been awesome.  I’ve been down to the beach every day.  Only yesterday I got totally fried.  It never ocurred to me that my legs would need sunscreen too…  Let’s just say I’ve been spending a lot of time laying on my stomache.  Good thing you can read in that position!

Yesterday I got to see Dan, one of the guys from my second NET team.  He and his girlfriend drove over from Erie just to see me, and also for the cookout/bonfire on the beach.  Much meat was roasted.  Much meat was consumed.  It was good.

Tonight I’m getting henna tattoos from Mary & Jo.  I told them they can do whatever they want.  We’ll see what happens.

And for the record, while I could listen to Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown over and over again, I still think Buble’s version of the Spider-Man Theme is one of the swankiest things I’ve ever heard.